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Why are people being pussies about lockdown?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

*I love pussies by the way - no offence to pussies of any kind.

Firstly, black lives matter #blacklivesmatter.

Like me, most of the people I know are middle class, rather liberal and have life quite easy. I imagine many to most of them are white too (haven't counted so can't be sure). And I grew up with a belief system that basically ensures everything is all right and taken care of. I also have no dependents (on purpose so I don't have to deal with the madness parents deal with - parenting was a choice you made [except in the circumstances of rape or abuse]). My experience of COVID-19 has been nothing but a blessing. So I can't understand the amount of bitching going on in this lockdown situation.

I'm talking to the versions of me out there - the ones who have it good. We grew up with one or two parents, got a decent education, attended university, got jobs and paid off our student loans. We buy lunch from Woolworths / Marks & Spencers. We occasionally give up those jobs and trot the globe. Then just get more jobs. We worry about buying organic and argue about whether fairtrade is actually fair. We drink oat milk flat whites and know how to make them because we went on that barista training for fun once.

So why are you - white, liberal, free from prejudice, middle class, built-a-house-and-live-in-a-gated-security-village - such pussies when it comes to lockdown and COVID? Oh, I can't see my friends. Oh, I can't buy alcohol. Oh, my kids are driving me nuts. Oh, my salary got cut x%. Oh, the government has taken away my freedom.

Maybe you shouldn't have bought a house you can't afford. Maybe you should spend more time introspectively working on yourself, or working on your relationship with your partner. Maybe you should drink less (and lose a few kilograms - you'll thank me once you try it). You might develop a personality. Maybe you should have spent more time raising your kids so they're not little monsters you can't stand to be around. Maybe you're blessed to have a job or be furloughed. Maybe you need to understand that you are already free; and what real captivity looks like. Maybe you should read something written by someone whose name you can't pronounce. Maybe you should spend more on your live-in domestic worker than your pets.

So what could be hard for you right now? You lost your job and might not be able to go abroad when this is all over? The economy is fucked and your expansive privilege you refuse to recognise will carry you? You lost someone to COVID-19? I am truly sorry for your pain and that of anyone who loses a loved one suddenly. And lastly if you a deeply saddened bleeding heart, consider the number of people who die from flu, malaria, and other causes every year you don't usually care about. Perhaps you only care about these COVID deaths because their inconvenient consequences are suddenly prickling your small sheltered life.

I've heard this time of lockdown referred to as PTSD-causing. Are you kidding me? PTSD? As in ... what happens to veterans who watch people die and kill people themselves? According to the NHS, the types of events that can lead to PTSD include:

  • serious accidents

  • physical or sexual assault

  • abuse, including childhood or domestic abuse

  • exposure to traumatic events at work, including remote exposure

  • serious health problems, such as being admitted to intensive care

  • childbirth experiences, such as losing a baby

  • war and conflict

  • torture

These are not the people you find moaning about their inconvenienced lives on various social media platforms. These people usually have their heads down trying to get their ish together and make things better for themselves and those around them.

To the others who moan. Just stop. Stop moaning. Start caring about something other than your little life. Stop expecting to be happy. Life is not about happiness. Figure out how to create peace and joy - you are responsible for it, no-one else.

There are people with actual problems. Educate yourself. Listen. Maybe go learn how to dance.

Note: All swearing has been removed for the sake of the children. Also, I think I've been sufficiently offensive.

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