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A Pokémon / Web 3 vision for the future (or now)

Surprisingly, I have a vision for the future. It's surprising because, usually, I'm reflecting on the past - commenting on shit that happened and people did and wondering why they didn't do better. I'm very judgmental and while a friend suggested I lean into it, I'm not ready to be a bitch online.

So, future-focused me wants a lot of stuff to go down. Definitely the temperature (London is COOKING and they keep building high rises without aircon - knobs). I was just watching a live stream from Outlier Ventures, and the NFT lady from Christie's was speaking to the new ways in which art and tech are evolving. In a split second, I came up with a brilliant idea to have a piece of my art (as an NFT) degrade as the global temperature rises. So essentially the whole world would have to work together,

inspired by the sheer terror, pure fear, and impending dread

of losing the magnificence that is a TKW original, to prevent these two tragedies.

Now the main problem with my frankly BRILLIANT idea, is that no-one knows WTF I am. So we'd need to convince a Damien or a Panik or a Zehra or even a Greta to get on board and inspire the proletariat. Anyway this idea is now copywritten I will COME FOR YOU.

My real vision for the future ties into one of my most and least favourite things - learning. Most because my neurospicy brain wants tickles, and least because laughing is exhausting. Both good and hard (I'm going to tone down the smut), learning is going to become a maize zing as processing power progress catches up to AI applications.

I must disclaim: I am not prescient with tech. In 2016 I thought Pokémon Go was going to generate awesome partnership and branding opportunities where companies could sponsor Pokéstops and get special gifts etc. etc. It's the reason I started playing. But from NYC to Dar es Salaam to London, it's only now - six years on - that I see anything resembling this. EE-sponsored stops and a meaningless Longchamps backpack make it seem like the opportunity has been ... missed? Unnoticed? Wasted?

Pokémon GO - unlike learning - is goodish and NOT HARD. Finding myself continuing to play despite my best efforts, I began to wish I could gamify my life, PoGo-style. I thought about streaks for drinking all my glasses of water per day, treating my fridge like a Pokéstop and finding a healthy and balanced array of gifts for lunch, and rewarding myself with sparkles and XP (wine) for evolving. However, it was ultimately my idea to build a learning experience on top of a Pokémon GO API situation that really got my Pichu ears pricked.

Imagine you're a little kid who friggin LOVES ... I dunno ... Glalie (the worst). Imagine you make Glalie your buddy and instead of rubbing its tummy (shell? exoskeleton?), you're prompted to answer a question on a topic of your choice.

What is condensation?

A. The conversation of a vapour or liquid to a gas

B. The conversion of gas or vapour to a liquid

C. The conversion of a vapour or gas to a liquid

D. None of the above

Choose C and your frankly terrifying Glalie gets all loved up and hearty. Cute huh? Alternatively, "What can you do today to show empathy to someone you know?", followed by a blank field to input text.

Instead of gamifying learning ... why haven't we learnified games that people are already addicted to?

Point being ... the future is here. Metaverse learning HAS to do and be better than the nonsense consultancies and in-house L&D teams have been coming up with for years. Imagine DOING compliance, and actually falling into the LAVA AT THE BOTTOM OF THE MINE because your safety harness wasn't on. That'd be pretty f experiential. Imagine cutting open bodies to perform surgeries based on complicated cases across history ... when you're in high school trying to figure out if medicine is a career you might enjoy.

Now, I don't build metaverses (yet), but I am open to writing them into existence. Holler at yo gurl.

Have a great day and be kind okay?

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