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Adding a Catchy Title #firstpostconsiderations

No one is going to read the first post. It's there to get things started, get the metaphorical ball rolling. Does it need a catchy title? No thanks Wix. I'll just rewrite your titular suggestion because I can't engage too deeply with your process because I have to learn to code my own site. In addition Wix, why are you and the world obsessed with using title case indiscriminately? Ob-sessed. Post Malone is a person's name. Post Settings is not.

The thing about a catchy title is that it can only come after you've written the article. What is foolish of me is that I've decided to write my first post in en effort to publish the site (Wix suggests a process that - I guess - ticks all the boxes). So now I'm writing about catchy titles instead of writing about something important and then waiting for the catchy title to present itself.

I did make a decision a few weeks ago to finally set up a site and publish regularly to it. My issue has always been that what I write is based on my own personal frustrations and comes off weak, arguable, and irate (see evidence in title case issue discussed above). I am all of those things but I'm not sure that putting them out into the world is useful or serves anyone. So I decided to publish things people can learn from, which serve readers; useful things.

These are my #firstpostconsiderations and are hopefully useful:

  1. Question the world's terms, accept them, and work your own way through, past, and despite them (like Wix's process steps and the indiscriminate use of Title Case)

  2. Do things despite being afraid (launching a website and publishing)

  3. Post is not a first name and I think Post Malone needs to apologise and/or explain

  4. Titular is one of my favourite words

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